18 October 2011

"Recent" Creations

I really haven't been up to much in the creative world lately (except for at Momspace, which I am very thankful for) but than I remembered last month that I did a ton of stuff! I think I just forgot to blog about it because I was so busy! ha ha! Good problem I guess!

Here's what I was up to:

Three hoodie towels
Two turtle with green stripes for Adam's cousin's newly adopted twin boys! 
Sweet pink with yellow stripes for the precious little Emma Faith! 
Two nursing covers:
This one was for Adam's sister who was doing a nautical theme for her sweet new boy
This beauty was for my mom's pastor's wife who just gave birth to a sweet boy also! 
A cute little Black Apple doll:
for Emma Faith
Four diaper caddy's:
Natuical themed for Adam's sister

This beautiful fabric was very popular and since it doesn't require much fabric I was able to make 3! 

Sweet little girl shoes:

The most beautiful burp cloth on the planet:

And then at Momspace (MOPS at Lamb's Murrieta), the last two meetings have been craft days and let's be honest, they are the only crafts/creating I've done all month! 

The first craft was these "toilet paper pumpkins". You use a roll of TP and some news paper and a fat quarter and with a stick and a couple fun add-on's you all of a sudden have some pretty cute pumpkins!  These are my first and only fall decorations (no joke! Decorations are not something we can afford AT ALL) and I have snuck them in and around our entertainment center, they're pretty cute! 

Then this last week's craft, well to be honest,  I was a little skeptical at first, but I LOVE it now! We made these wreath's out of coffee filters and hot glue! I picked the "brown" filters (you could do pink or white also) and with out realizing it I made a cream and green wreath that matched our wall and co-sleeper perfectly! So I guess you could say this is the baby's first accessory for their corner of our room!


Caudill Clan said...

You're so crafty!! I wish I had time to do stuff like this...SO fun! Do you have an etsy shop?

Natalie said...

I love your choice in fabrics :)