02 June 2011


I recently got to be involved in celebrating my sweet friend and her soon to be daughter with a fabulous little shower of love and hugs and yummy food and of course presents!

Of course, seeing as how I have no self control or boundaries made way to much stuff but it was way super fun to make stuff for a baby girl!

I made her two nursing covers.

Gwen's husband is in the military so she got me one of his patches and I made the coolest nursing cover for her! I think it is just the greatest! (And no one will steal it!)

 A soft flannel crinkle toy

A tea wallet filled with nursing tea made from the scraps of the nursing cover.

The cutest diaper caddy ever! (complete with water proof changing pad)

Eight burp clothes 

A pair of shoes with the scraps from the burp clothes

 Super cute and fun and giant Swaddle Blanket

And of course, a hooded towel for bath time!

I did not however make her the most beautiful quilt on the face of the planet!

That was made by the lovely and talented Ms Jen Jackson! She is incredible!

I am so sad I didn't think to take a picture with Gwen! But I love you girl and am so looking forward to meeting your daughter!

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