06 December 2011

Gender Neutral

So as one of the few mothers left in the US who does not found out the sex of my unborn child, I am always in need of some cute baby stuff that isn't all boring
{and usually erring on the side of being boy'ish}

So in wanting to blessing a dear friend of mine who also isn't finding out the sex of her unborn child ... I made the following set ... TWICE!

One set for me and one set for her!

I'm kind of obsessed with them!


Erica said...

SO SO SO cute :) I love them!

Kim Oates said...

Those are GREAT! I LOVE those colors together....in fact my whole nursery is that theme since we didn't find out our sex either! :) P.S. It is SO worth the wait....especially if you are having a non-medicated birth...really helps you focus on the end prize of finding out!
Blessings.-Kim "Clark" Oates
P.S.S. Where did you find your pattern??? Can I have it?

Colleen Greene said...

Those are absolute adorable, Sarah! Great colors!