12 December 2011

Christmas Creations

Made a couple things that I can share pre-Christmas!

First an ornament for my Book Club's ornament exchange

And then this beauty I can't take all the credit for because if it wasn't for my ever talented neighbor I would have totally given up!  I had made the bow at "Momspace" a few weeks back and decided I would use it with our tree scraps to make some fabulous thing to hang in our house. Well as I was sitting out front with said tree scraps {watching Bennett hit trees with swords} I had pretty much given up when she pulled up and gave me pointers on adding different greens and then all of a sudden I had this beauty to hang above our window in the living room! Pretty fabulous huh?!

06 December 2011

Gender Neutral

So as one of the few mothers left in the US who does not found out the sex of my unborn child, I am always in need of some cute baby stuff that isn't all boring
{and usually erring on the side of being boy'ish}

So in wanting to blessing a dear friend of mine who also isn't finding out the sex of her unborn child ... I made the following set ... TWICE!

One set for me and one set for her!

I'm kind of obsessed with them!

18 October 2011

"Recent" Creations

I really haven't been up to much in the creative world lately (except for at Momspace, which I am very thankful for) but than I remembered last month that I did a ton of stuff! I think I just forgot to blog about it because I was so busy! ha ha! Good problem I guess!

Here's what I was up to:

Three hoodie towels
Two turtle with green stripes for Adam's cousin's newly adopted twin boys! 
Sweet pink with yellow stripes for the precious little Emma Faith! 
Two nursing covers:
This one was for Adam's sister who was doing a nautical theme for her sweet new boy
This beauty was for my mom's pastor's wife who just gave birth to a sweet boy also! 
A cute little Black Apple doll:
for Emma Faith
Four diaper caddy's:
Natuical themed for Adam's sister

This beautiful fabric was very popular and since it doesn't require much fabric I was able to make 3! 

Sweet little girl shoes:

The most beautiful burp cloth on the planet:

And then at Momspace (MOPS at Lamb's Murrieta), the last two meetings have been craft days and let's be honest, they are the only crafts/creating I've done all month! 

The first craft was these "toilet paper pumpkins". You use a roll of TP and some news paper and a fat quarter and with a stick and a couple fun add-on's you all of a sudden have some pretty cute pumpkins!  These are my first and only fall decorations (no joke! Decorations are not something we can afford AT ALL) and I have snuck them in and around our entertainment center, they're pretty cute! 

Then this last week's craft, well to be honest,  I was a little skeptical at first, but I LOVE it now! We made these wreath's out of coffee filters and hot glue! I picked the "brown" filters (you could do pink or white also) and with out realizing it I made a cream and green wreath that matched our wall and co-sleeper perfectly! So I guess you could say this is the baby's first accessory for their corner of our room!

02 June 2011


I recently got to be involved in celebrating my sweet friend and her soon to be daughter with a fabulous little shower of love and hugs and yummy food and of course presents!

Of course, seeing as how I have no self control or boundaries made way to much stuff but it was way super fun to make stuff for a baby girl!

I made her two nursing covers.

Gwen's husband is in the military so she got me one of his patches and I made the coolest nursing cover for her! I think it is just the greatest! (And no one will steal it!)

 A soft flannel crinkle toy

A tea wallet filled with nursing tea made from the scraps of the nursing cover.

The cutest diaper caddy ever! (complete with water proof changing pad)

Eight burp clothes 

A pair of shoes with the scraps from the burp clothes

 Super cute and fun and giant Swaddle Blanket

And of course, a hooded towel for bath time!

I did not however make her the most beautiful quilt on the face of the planet!

That was made by the lovely and talented Ms Jen Jackson! She is incredible!

I am so sad I didn't think to take a picture with Gwen! But I love you girl and am so looking forward to meeting your daughter!

04 May 2011

The Royal Wedding

So, I know I'm a bit late but I was just finally able to watch it and OH MY GOSH!!! I loved it! I loved everything about it! I loved Kate's dress, it was perfect!

I loved the trees in the church, they were amazing!
 (I mean bringing trees in is a great idea!)

I know it may seem silly, but well.... I promise there is a little more substance coming, bare with me while I get my wedding giggles out!

I've always loved the royals, I mean let's just be honest here, I keep my stud earrings and rings in this little plate on my dresser.
Seriously, it's true, I just had to dump them all out to take that pictures!

And if life could be just as I want it, this would be one of my many hats.
But alas, it is not, I don't even own it, I just tried it on in Sea Port Village last weekend

So I'm sure you're thinking, "Oh gosh, Sarah has lost her marbles, I bet she ordered a William and Kate plate too!" Well, in fact, I did not. (not that I would mind if someone bought me one ... my 30th birthday is less than 2 months away!) I only started to follow the royal wedding about a week before it occurred and that only because my best friend asked me about it and I had nothing to say. I had to tell her that I hadn't been following it at all. She was surprised and then I realized I was too! (I mean come on, I own the man's parent's commemorative plate for crying out loud!)

But here's the deal, as I sat and watched it this morning, I was totally captivated, the whole thing was absolutely stunning! But really the thing that captured me the most was the service. Really, I'm not kidding. Did you actually watch and listen to the service? It was amazing! Okay, so of course I know for some the service was nothing more than a bunch of memorized lines that they repeat back every week when they go to mass... but that is just sad, because the words were rich and full of depth and beauty! (By the way, did you notice they had a song commissioned just for their wedding ?! That is also pretty rad! But not the most important thing of course!)

Aside from the prayers and reading and vows (not that I am down playing those at all, like I just said, I thought it was amazing) the Bishop of London kind of blew me away with what he had to say!  Now of course, I have no insite into the personal nature of Kate and William's relationship with God but seriously, the Bishops words were so powerful! What an amazing charge to the couple as the start their married lives together! Now I know that marriage has been on my mind a lot lately as Adam and I just celebrated our anniversary but even still, I was challenged by the royal wedding and I was not expecting that at all! I expected the whimsy and beauty but conviction from the Holy Spirit through the words of the Bishop of London was not on my list of things to be expected!  (I actually started jotting notes as I sat infront of my computer!!!)

(The message starts at 31:40 and go to 38:55, if you want to see it)

Here's some of the gems the Lord got me with as I watched this morning:

* Marriage is intended to help man and woman to become what God ment each one to be, their deepest and their truest selves.
* Spiritual life grows as love finds its center beyond ourselves. Faithful and committed relationships offer a door into the mystery of the spiritual life in which we discover this; the more we give of self the richer we become in soul. The more we go beyond ourselves in love the more we become our true selves and our spiritual beauty is more fully reviled. In marriage we are seeking to bring one another into fuller life.
*Marriage should transform as husband and wife make one another their work of art.
*There must be no coercion if the Spirit is to flow.

I was reminded just what a mystery marriage really is and how amazing it is that God lets us be involved in his picture of how Christ relates to the Church.

Christ is loving and wooing us on a daily basis and it is through those things that we really are becoming our truest and deepest selves. Christ is always ready and willing to bring us into a more fuller life. He is transforming us into His work of art so that the Holy Spirit can flow freely in our lives!

It really is so beautiful and so shocking and so humbling.
And I am so glad the whole world got to hear it!

Blessing be upon the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge as they step into a mystery far beyond themselves!