11 March 2010

If you are anything like me...

... you have been going to a ton of baby showers lately!

And if you are anything like me... the family budget doesn't have any extra "shower" money in it right now! So, I thought I would share some of my solutions with you!

In the past I blogged about the bath towels I make. Those are always a big hit at any baby shower (especially if you include a little rubber duck or something small like that with them) but since I just linked you to them there is no need to re-blog those babies! Moving on...

The Pacifier Pouch!
I seriously made this out of two scraps I got from the scrap bin at the Quilters Coop in Temecula (along with a little iron on vinyl to make the inside waterproof)! It was so easy and so so so cute! You don't have to include the clip, but I decided to because it just kind of completed the gift (the new mom doesn't need to go out looking for one now!)
The Travel Wipe Cover!
This is just a necessity so why not make it beautiful! I used about half of a "fat quarter", some spray adhesive, and ribbon and a hot glue gun - that simple! (and oh so cute!)
The Nursing Cover (aka: The Snack Shack)
So this one... well I'm not sure if it's cheating or just being really smart but I borrowed my friends "real" one and just measured it and copied it exactly! I went and got boning and "D" rings at JoAnn's and bought a white wash cloth in a big multi-pack on sale at Target (I figured I would me making more or these at some point). I lined both sides so that it was nice and pretty as well as just a little bit thinker to avoid sun light shinning through.

This is a gift best for first time mom's, as a second time mom probably already has one of these (unless they didn't nurse with previous babies and then by all means - bless them with one of these for their awesome choice to nurse their newest bundle!)

The Baby Wrap!
I toyed with making a sling, but after asking the mother I was going to give this to what she would prefer, I decided to brave the wrap - and man am I glad I tried! I loved it! This gift "streached" me the furthest in my sewing skills (which is great)!  I had to get special needles and string and learn a few new stitches on my machine, but I was so happy with the result because I basically made a "Moby Wrap" which is amazing! It really is just a giant piece of material with a little bit of stretch in it. I just hemmed the edges and reinforced the middle seem right where the baby is going to be. (This young lady was very happy in the wrap I made for her new cousin)

Burp Clothes!
I found a 6 pack of good old fashioned cloth diapers at Babies-R-Us and bought some super cute flannel and then - TaDa - some the cutest and most absorbent burp clothes you will ever find! (and six of them is just about enough to get you through one day!)

Happy Baby Showering!

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Nathan, Sarah, Liam, Deacon said...

Very cute. I have never sewn in my life, you are doing a great job.