29 June 2009

Experiments in Sewing!

At my baby shower I was given a hand made "Hoodie" towel that I thought was the cutest thing ever! Well, this past weekend I had two baby showers to go to and not a whole lot of money so I thought - Why not try to make these fabulous hoodie towels myself?!

So, I went to Ross, got bath towels and wash clothes and ... TaDa!
Look what I made:

The first one was for my friend Maggie (she's having a girl) and the second one is for my friend Erica (she has decided to not find out the sex of her baby until after it is born).

I didn't take step by step pictures (maybe I will next time) but it was really, really easy! As you can see, you don't have to have a matching wash cloth and towel because it can be super cute to mix and match. I got these towels at Ross (I was so surprised at the selection and quality that was there - I will defiantly go back!) and the ribbon and buttons at Jo Ann's.

So, anyways, nothing very deep or insightful here, but I was just very proud of what I made and wanted to share.


Katrina said...

How cute! I just saw your comment and had to pop over to see what YOU made this weekend too! So funny. :)

The Ochoa Family said...

sarah- first off, I just love you! secondly_ we need to get our crafty heads together! You are so awesome and I really want to get the skinny on these towels and have some cool tricks to show you! you and adam need to come over! so the men can watch the kids and we can get our crafyness on! we should invite Alison too.