21 March 2010

I Just Have To Do It....

... I just have to write a blog devoted to my husband!
He has been blessing me so much lately, I just have to share some of the great things he's been up to!

Starting off, we were at Winter Camp over Valentine's Day, so one week after Valentine's he took me for a surprise breakfast at Flour Fusion! First off, I love going to breakfast! And i love a good surprise (and yes, there is such thing as a bad surprise) but I am very sneaky, so rarely am I actually completely surprised! But he pulled it off, and I was totally surprised! Anyways, back to Flour Fusion, if you don't know this place you MUST go there soon! It is the absolute best bakery (and lunch location) ever!

So, a little background story ... for a few months now I have been longing for a "Triple Cream Basket" after reading about them on my friend's blog and hearing about them from some other friends. The thing is, they only make a few every day and thus they are usually gone very quickly. (I contemplated moving back to Elsinore to be closer to the bakery so I could get one of these babies!) So, knowing all this, my sweet husband calls and reserves us each a Triple Cream Basket and they had them hot and ready waiting for us when we got there!
Look at the goodness! It's basically Creme Brule`e wrapped in yummy pasty! It is amazing!

Here we each are enjoying our lovely morning!

Next sweet thing my husband did .... he built me this:

Isn't it amazing?! I love it and need it so much! As you can see I have not fully "moved in" to it yet, but I am working on it and look forward to the day when my desk is 100% organized and I can start my own etsy store or something... yeah right, like that's going to happen any time soon!

Lastly, I just need to add how much he blessed me on International Woman's Day! For those of you who don't know, Woman's Day is a real holiday and it is celebrated all over the world on March 8th (I discovered this while living in Russia, I literally had complete strangers hanging me flowers and congratulating me on being a woman! It was awesome!) Well, this year (I believe it is the first ever) he celebrated it and got me the sweetest gift! He got me a Big gardening hat, organic chemical free soil and a tomato plant! He said that he wanted to nurture the part of me that wants to bring life to people and things (How sweet is that?! Don't you just love him!)

So, here's few pictures from that whole thing, I went out to plant it right away! (I started out calling my plant Bob - you know, for Bob the tomato from Veggie Tales, but I think "Planty" has actually become it's name)
Okay, so that's all, I just wanted to share how blessed I have been by my husband recently.
(Stop by his blog and share some blog love with him too!)


micah and erica said...

um, I think I need to get up early one morning and get one of those triple cream baskets! Seriously, that looks so good!

Bergon Family said...

i love your hat! where did you get it? and tell me it was recent please!

Sarah Elwer said...

Target! I just saw it there again on thursday so I would say you have a good chance of still finding one!