09 October 2008

Tagged by Andy

So, I got tagged by my friend Andy and I supposed to write 6 random things about myself and then tag 6 more people to do the same... here it goes:

1. I have serious issues with injustice! When a movie is centered around some sort of unjust situation concerning the main character I sort of have this uncontrollable rage that wells up in me, usually resulting in tears or telling my husband I want to turn the movie off. Examples of such movies include but are not limited to: The Terminal, Meet the Parents, Enemy of the State and Anger Management.

2. When I have down time or I'm sick in bed all I want to do is read US Magazine or read books by a Christian Chic-lit author, Kristin Billerbeck . I thought I had more substance than that.

3. I have watched all 10 seasons of Stargate and all 3 movies. I love them all and can tell you in detail what happened during all of them. However, I stand firmly by the fact that I do not like Sci-fi - go figure. (I also have NEVER seen an episode of Stargate Atlantis)

4. I really, really love Church History. Seriously, if I got the chance to write a church history text book I would be a happy woman! Just think of the amount of time I would have to spend in order to study for such a task - it's sounds wonderful!

5. I miss film. Don't get me wrong, my digital camera is wonderful, but I just miss film. Mostly because I miss the need for people to actually have photography skills and talent to take a good picture instead of needing Photoshop skills to make their average picture worth looking at.

6. More and more everyday I'm becoming okay with the thought of "turning into my mom". Most people say the the phrase "I'm turing into my mother" in a negative way, but I'm actually starting to respect the things I used to think made her "uncool" when I was younger.

So, that's about as random as I get, at least it's what I can think up as of right now.

Now to tag 6 people to keep this going... How about: Danielle, Erica, Shayne, Allison, Hillary and Becky.


Becky said...

Maybe when we're old ladies and all our kids are gone we can write a church history book together? Other grandmas will be knitting and we'll be at the library.

The Ochoa Family said...

thanks for the tag...

The Ochoa Family said...
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