17 October 2008

Me... a morning person???!!!

It just might be the case! The last two mornings I have taken walks from 7 to 7:30 and I think I am kind of in love with this little "tradition". It gets me going and I don't have the "lazy morning" issues that I always seem to struggle with, like wasting time online or just not getting out of bed. I have even put make-up on, me the person who claims to not have time for make-up is now putting in on because she is getting so much done after her walk! It's fabulous! Apart from those benefits, these walks are also just beautiful. I took the above picture this morning at the top of the hill by my house - Murrieta looks so nice from up there. I have also been trying to make an effort to be praying during these walks. The first morning I was just overwhelmed with the goodness of God and how he really does have everything in his hands. Today I just came home calm, like real peace. It's great and seems good and healthy to start one's day with a morning constitutional.

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