01 April 2011


My dear sweet Elisha friend is having a baby some time on or around the beginning  of July and we got to shower her with presents and love this past week while she was down from Seattle for Spring Break!
I really am not trying to look nuts in this picture... but it sure did come across that way! 

I kind of went a little overboard while making her gifts ... but I couldn't stop!
Gifts is my love language and I love her a lot!

Diaper Catty with changing pad


Bath Towel

Nursing Cover

Burp Clothes

Crinkle toy with Ribbons

Tea Wallet

Swaddle Sheets

I also got to hang out with Gwen and Danielle during the shower which was an added bonus!

Oh and I also won a $10 gift card to Target for making this baby out of a piece of "Bubble Yum" - that was rad!

Happy Baby Shower Elisha! 

1 comment:

Leslie said...

your amazing... seriously thats some crazy sewing...

btw.... love the look of your family blog the face lift...
missed seeing you the past few weeks... hopefully we will be ship shape by Friday.... really hoping.