10 March 2011

Chirstmas in March?

I never shared any of the presents I made for Christmas this last year.  What was I thinking?! 
I'm sure my dozens and dozens of readers have been anxiously awaiting this post for months

Well, let me begin with the Tea Wallets I made for my girl friends

The first person to correctly name all the teas in the picture gets a free tea wallet!

This tea wallet is "fussy cut" which means I cut the fabric so the pattern lined up exactly. I didn't do this to all the tea wallets I made but I felt the "twall" (or Toile) needed/deserved the "fussy cut."

Here's the Christmas ornament for my book club's ornament exchange

Super cute aprons (I wanted to keep) that I made for my Mom and Mother-in-Law

I made this for the family 
but really just for me because Adam and Bennett don't care that much

I made really, really cute aprons for my nieces but I only took pictures of the embroidery on the ties, opps!

This sweet little girl got an ice cream cone for Christmas

My Brother and Sister-in-Law got some (dare i say, awesome) coasters I decoupaged (well only 4 are decoupaged, the other 4 are actually really pretty and normal)

And then actually there were two "paying gigs" that came just after Christmas that I want to share too, bare with me! 

The first was for a nursing cover (not pictured) but I did use the scraps from said nursing cover to make an crinkle toy that matched.
The camping fabric she picked out was really cute and cheerful!

The second was a project Adam and I worked on together.
 Isn't it amazing?! I love it! 


lauren said...

well, obviously there is Refresh and Earl Grey. Then i think the light blue is probably Berryblossom White (which is super yummy). the orange one is trickier, but i'm going to guess the Wild Sweet Orange (which, admittedly, i had to look up on the internet).

Sarah Elwer said...

Oh! So close! But unfortunately the internet failed you! :)

Melissa said...

berryblossom white, tazo chai, refresh & earl grey?

Kasey Martin said...

I'm pretty sure Jesus most prefers a Young's Oatmeal Stout. . . He has good taste like that

Sarah Elwer said...

Nope, not chai or wild sweet orange!

A. T. Elwer said...

Kasey do you need some coasters?
When is your birthday?

Kasey Martin said...

the Ides of August

Deanna Fowler said...

Berry White, Refresh, Earl Grey, and either Awake or Joy, but I can't tell from the color on my computer.

Brandy said...

Obviously Refresh and Earl Grey, and I am going to guess African Red Bush and Berryblossom white??

Sarah Elwer said...

Oh Brandy, You are so close! :(

Brandy said...

This is probably illegal, but is the reddish one honeybush?????

Sarah Elwer said...

Well, I never said you couldn't guess twice ... so... YAY Brandy you win! :)

Brandy said...

Yay me!!!! :)

Brandy said...

P.S. the honeybush one was very tricky!!

The Ochoa Family said...

sarah can i come over and you teach me how to do one of those pictures? I love it! you two are soo talented! I am so jealous of your creativity! I am a quilt maker, scrapbooker, pillowcase person. I love your diverse creative skill. LOVE LOVE LOVE and miss you!!!! hope to see you at cbs next fall if God wants..