25 January 2011

The Lord is for me!

If you had asked me last week if the Lord was for me, I woud have said, "Yes, of course."

But yesterday I was doing my study in Beth Moore's "Stepping up" and I read this in week 2, day 5:

I'd like to suggest that in our humanity we tend to determine whether God is against us, for us, or tolerating us based on how He appears to act in our circumstances.

Oh gosh... so when my husband has gout and my bank account has $29 in it I'm supposed to believe that God is FOR me?!

I'm not gonna lie, that's not where my thought process goes first!

I mean if God was really FOR me wouldn't my life be great and my car be brand new and my body look fantastic and my husband be in perfect health and my son NEVER throw a fit anywhere, ever! Right? Right!

But that's not the way it is, and it's probably not the way it's ever going to be.

But why?! (Why can't I just name it and claim it?!)

Well, here's what Beth had to say about that:

He knows when something glorious in the future necessitates something difficult in the present because He knows the glory will be worth it, God will risk being misunderstood. Yes, God wants us to have joyful, satisfying lives, but He also wants us to have crowns to cast. Rewards to receive. Character to develop. Compassion to give.

Okay, well there you have it.

I can't argue with that, at all.

So, I can still pray for my husbands health and I can use the money we have to the best I know how and I can also choose to believe that the Lord really is for me!

Even when things don't look so good and I have no clue what is coming, I can stand in knowing that the Lord is growing me.

Circumstances can be deceiving.

I am so thankful for such a clear and basic truth to be at the forefront of my mind now - GOD REALLY IS FOR ME, no matter what my circumstances look like!

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Nathan, Sarah, Liam, Deacon, and baby Jude on the way! said...

I have never done a Beth Moore study, but I heard they are great!