13 October 2009

Dinner? What? You want me to make dinner?

Okay, so lets just say I'm a bit spoiled with having a husband who likes to cook!

However, said husband has been rather ill lately and all of a sudden I'm trying to think up dinner ideas at 5pm when I realize that he is not going to be able to get up and make something! (I know, like I said, I'm rather spoiled in this area)

Well, here's what I found:


This website is a miracle! I have used it this past week and so far I have found two fabulous recipes by just typing in the things I have in my house. But my favorite part of the site is the section below there you type in the food you have. This section, titled "Do you have..." show suggestions and you just click on things to add them to your list of ingredients. Stuff like butter and garlic and olive oil, things that I have but that I would forget to put on a list of ingredients.

So all that being said, I love this website and here's the links to the two fabulous recipes I found.

Baked Chicken with potatoes and rosemary (I added onions and carrots and it was great!)

Curry Chicken (I made brown rice and zucchini to go with it and it was awesome!)

I hope you enjoy the website as much as I have! Happy cooking!

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Alison and her boys said...

cool site! thanks for the tip!