05 May 2009

RIght now...

Right now it's 11:30.
Right now I just got a shower and sat down to post a blog about Bennett.
Right now I remembered that I was tagged in a friend's blog to take a picture of myself... right now.

So, here's me, right now:
So, I realize I sort of cheated, the rules are to take a picture right then and there when you see that you've been tagged, but in all fairness I don't have a camera on my computer thus I could not. But trust me, I didn't prep for the picture, unless you count taking a shower and putting on a clean set of PJ's. It's routine now, Bennett's asleep and the first thing I do is shower, then go online.  I have found myself shower-less if I do those two things in reverse. 

So, this is me right now, about to go down stairs and get the clothes out of the drier that I left in there last night and start a new load of jeans and hopefully I might even be able to make myself a sandwich before the little man wakes up - what about you?

Cassie, Shayne, Alison, Alicia, and Erica, take a picture of yourself right now, just as you are in all your "Mommy" glory and tell us all what you are doing right now.

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praying for maren said...

You look fantastic girl! I tried to comment when I read this but it wouldn't let me...hump! Oh, and this is alison, i keep forgetting to sign in as myself when i make comments...oh well! Glad you are enjoying mommyhood!