18 May 2009

Crafty Mamma!

So, first off, this was not an original idea! I stole it from my friend - but she doesn't blog and this would not be a big deal for her because this is common place to her because she is Martha Stewart (minus the jail thing). That said, look what I made today!
I know, the priorities of a stay at home mom... but still I am very proud!
In an attempt to be more "green" and wise with my money (for mentioned friend is the "greenest" person I know - she inspires me to be more crafty and more green!) I decided to not buy more fancy soap from Bath and Body Works and just buy a big refill thing.  Well, I bought just plain old Dial and it didn't match the B&B container with it's pretty picture on the front (I know, lame, but it was actually bothering me) and it kind of felt like lying to put plain old Dial in a soap dispenser with some fancy scent name on the front of it - you know?  So, inspired by my friend "Martha" I decided to use left over birth announcement paper and left over ribbon from sewing Bennett's crib bedding and make a cover for my soap dispenser that could be used over and over again!  

I'm trying to think what I can cover my other two soap dispensers with - I'm thinking Christmas paper and some other fun print to be used during certain times of the year! (Again, "Martha"'s idea, she has a Christmas covered soap dispenser too)

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The Ochoa Family said...

okay so you are so funny! I do that but i did not cover mine i just peeled the sticker off. i think you can use it dish soap ( i did that with a left over avon bottle) or you can see if it will work for a sugar scrub/salt scrub bottle.